Shantal (shantalanadevil) wrote,

I needed that

The only things I know about Brian Joubert are that he's French and "seems that he (Brian) was born with a six pack" [from PSoI], but this fic is just hilarious. I didn't even know I needed such a fic till I read it.

Both the OP and the anon!author are geniuses!

BRIAN JOUBERT HATES THE UNIVERSE. Or at least the part of the Universe that likes screwing him over.
I want a fic how Brian is basically always caught in the middle of couple crazies, like Johnny and Stephane being too noisy or pda-y for his comfort, how he has to endure Patrick's crazy acts of love and devotion towards the always hard-to-get Yu-Na, Evgeni and the copious amounts of hate-sex he decided to have in locker rooms (with Yags or Evan, either way) and just basically that everyone finds a way to involve him in some way shape or form.
Basically, lots of couple stuff from the point of view of everyone's reluctant best friend, Brian Joubert.

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