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Since I'm not comfortable to use my English for writing anything important, this is going to be short: I'm asking you guys for some very needed help. I'm pretty new to the fandom [4 weeks ain't enough, fact I realized after I decided to do this crazy thing], so I'm 100% sure I've missed something in this timeline. For example my knowledge of COI 2005 [I couldn't find anything about COI 2006] is almost non-existent. And that's not the only such occurrence. Basically, I need something like a beta work for this timeline. I'm pretty good at collecting and making timetables, but anything that involves having to write something on my own in English is still shaky ground. If you can add anything, be it a picture, a summary of an event, a quote, a link, anything, I would be beyond grateful.

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[I realize I haven't even introduced myself, but I'm still not used to making any kind of introduction post on an internet journal. In the last 6-7 years I have used it mostly [99.9% of the time] as a way to surf livejournal. So, hi and I hope that soon I'll have an idea how to do post that don't contain any pretty boys (well, I'll try)]

Untouched [Johnny Weir & Stephane Lambiel]

I don't know why, but the moment I heard this song I was reminded of the video from Be Good Johnny Weir in which Johhny explains that during competition season the closest he gets to sex is a foot massager. So, had some free time and decided to see what its like to fight with a video editing software [not fun]. But damn, I could spend a lot of my time watching those two on the ice.

[First video ever, but the way it's going I suspect not the last]

Lambiel/Weir professional competing against each other

Now I know why trying to make even a small timeline in a fandom that you have been in for no more than 2 weeks is hell. And two weeks ago I had no idea what an axel even was, or even heard of the "Quad".

For more info Johnny Weir @ Wikipedia and Stephane Lambiel @ Wikipedia

From Johnny Weir 2008:

I've known Stephane since I was thirteen and he was twelve and we both competed in novice boys in a small city in Slovenia.

Based on this, I gather that their first meeting on the ice was at the Triglav Trophy in Jesenice, Slovenia in 2-5 April,1998, where Johnny placed 2nd and Stephane 3rd. [First was Parker Pennington [USA] ]

1999 Nov. 11 – 14, both skated at the Junior Grand Prix, Norway, where Johnny was 2nd and Stephane 7th.

2000 23.08. - 26.08. was the Int. Junior Competition St. Gervais in France, where Johnny was 6th and Stephane 9th.

2001 Between February 26 and March 2, was the World Junior Figure Skating Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria, where Johnny won and Stephane placed 5th. [Evan Lysacek was 2nd] This was Johnny’s first and only appearance at the WJFSC and Stephane’s second. The previous year [2000] he had placed 10th.

Johnny Weir 2001 Junior Worlds Freeskate

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Sorry for spaming

But the lack of S/J fic that I haven't read is almost making me crazy. That's the problem when you fall for a small fandom, you want more and more but there isn't any. Or at least not at a speed that will satisfy my craving. So, another art, this time for one of my favorites Stephane/Johnny fics 'till now, Outtakes by the_spin. If you haven't read it, just run and do it. It's so good, you are going to wish that it's canon.
So, the art.

*click for the whole thing

Pictures from Google, here, here, here, here, here, here
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